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52. The Least I Can Do - "Sympathy Sweets" - One Piece - Sanji/Rufi (kind of maybe?), Ace/Rufi - PG - 百題

About 52. The Least I Can Do - "Sympathy Sweets" - One Piece - Sanji/Rufi (kind of maybe?), Ace/Rufi - PG

Previous Entry 52. The Least I Can Do - "Sympathy Sweets" - One Piece - Sanji/Rufi (kind of maybe?), Ace/Rufi - PG Mar. 29th, 2005 @ 11:06 am Next Entry
Title: Sympathy Sweets
Fandom:One Piece
Pairing: Sanji/Rufi, Ace/Rufi
Theme: 52. "The Least I Can Do"
Rating: PG
Spoilers?: If you don't know who Ace is, you probably shouldn't even bother reading this. But there aren't any specific spoilers.
Notes: My first post here! Whoo-friggen-hoo.
Warnings: I guess Ace and Rufi are brothers and that should apparently offend some people. Uhm, yeah. Whatever.

The galley filled with the odors of baking food, the young, blonde cook that sat at the table carefully watching the oven for signs of the food to be complete, even though he had just then slid the pan into the rack.

It's not like there was anything else to do. The crew had been at sea for what felt like forever. Nami kept promising that they were nearing an island, but storms kept coming, throwing them far off course. The Grand Line really was unpredictable, Sanji thought, no matter what you tried to prepare for. You just had to be versatile and ready for everything.

Across the room, however, sitting against the wall with a pad of paper balanced carefully on his knees, was the captain, a rowdy young boy with a straw hat covering his messy black hair. He was doodling aimlessly, though it looked like it was taking effort – his brow was wrinkled in concentration and his tongue stuck thoughtfully out of his mouth. It was silent for a while, as Sanji lit up a cigarette, merely watching the younger one calmly.

"What are you drawing?" he finally spoke, and the captain looked up with his big blue eyes, now widened in curiosity at Sanji's voice. Smiling just a little, Rufi grabbed up the sketchpad and turned it around, showing the drawing to the man.

"See?" Rufi grinned, pushing the drawing a bit closer.

It took a confused minute for the chef to really see what the hell the drawing was supposed to be -- but within moments he could make out the bend of Rufi's hat, the mess of his hair, the curve of his scar and his rubbery, twisting, stick-like arms, gripping tightly onto another figure--

Who was that? Getting up off the hard wooden bench, Sanji walked over, bending down once he had reached the boy closer and taking the sketchbook into his own hands.

The figure's face was hidden mainly from what appeared to be a similar mess of hair, a larger scribble from the captain's black crayon. But what really gave it away were the colours -- Sanji instantly recognized the twisted orange object on the figure's head to be a sort of hat -- and then he understood.

"You and Ace," he said simply, letting out a breath of smoke as he handed the drawing back.

"Uh huh," Rufi grinned, staring down at it for a moment himself. "We’re together, see? It’s gonna be like this again soon."

Sanji simply watched the boy's expression, before getting up and crossing the room towards the pantry.

"Hey, Rufi. You want cake tonight?"

Eyes shooting up from the drawing, the pirate captain jumped to his feet.

"What? Really?! Of course! Can we really, Sanji? Can we have two?!"

But Sanji only smiled, searching for the flour and sugar as his captain talked.

It was the least he could do.
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Date:April 12th, 2005 10:10 pm (UTC)

re: "Sympathy Sweets"

Yay! *squeals and dies from the cute*
*pets the Rufi*
Drawing!Rufi is the bestest.
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