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100 Themes

百題 - 100 Themes
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百題 community!

Founded/run by tsukitaichou and guardianmars and theherorosalyn.


1. The moderators are elitist assholes, and only like certain pairings. They don't want to read about stuff they don't like. There are other communites for general fandom stuff. And where the moderators are probably nicer. But then it wouldn't be our community, would it? ^^

2. This community is multi-fandom. HOWEVER. The accepted fandoms and pairings are limited. Please to click here for a list of what is allowed. If you have a pairing or a fandom that is NOT on the list, but that you'd like to write - go ahead and ask us about it. It's definitely possible we forgot one. Please be prepared to be rejected, however.

3. There's no limit to how many people can write whatever pairing - this isn't a community where you claim a pairing or anything. Write whatever you want, for as many themes as you want. PLEASE DO NOT USE THE SAME THEME TWICE IN ONE FANDOM. Use the same theme for as many different fandoms as you want.
For instance, don't use theme #5 for Roy/Ed (Hagaren) and Al/Ed (Hagaren). You can use it for Roy/Ed and then for Vash/Wolfwood (Trigun) if you'd like, though. ^^
This is for writing ONLY.
Art, icons, and crack!photo edits are exceptions to this rule.
If you really have one that you absolutely want to share, then contact one of the moderators, and maybe we'll make an exception - but DON'T make a habit of it.
The list of Themes can be found HERE.

4. Fics can be any length from poetry to 100 word drabbles to as long as you want - but no multi-chapter fics. If you want to do something else with it later, that's fine - but we don't want to read seven chapters right now. Also, any rating from G - NC-17 is fine, but PLEASE remember to label, and to warn about things like bondage, incest, or things you think might squick other people. Edited roleplay logs DO count as fics – feel free to submit them. But we BETTER not be able to tell it was all sentences, like this:

Tsuki: *blahblah*
Kas: *blahblahblahblah*

Yeah. Don’t do that. Put it in story format.

5. Stories should be posted with the following in the subject line: theme, title, fandom, rating, pairing. They should ALSO be put behind an lj cut.
The format for this is:
[ lj-cut text="Whatever you want the link to say" ] with < > in place of [ ].

Header should go ABOVE the lj cut, though.
Header format:


6.All entries will be archived in Memories, by fandom, theme, and pairing, so you'll be able to find whatever you want easily.

7. This is NOT just for writing! Other acceptable entry formats include art, icons, and crack!photo edits. If you have other ideas, leave us a note - we are REALLY open on this subject.

8. Feedback! It's not fun for everyone if there's only, like, two comments and they're both from moderators. So, while it's not MANDATORY to give feedback, it is HIGHLY recommended.

9. Off topic posts are NOT allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, polls, lj-quiz results (it's fine if you want to post a quiz that you made specifically for the theme!), whoring your own community, whoring fanart or stories that are not related to this community, the weather in your country, etc.

10. ANYONE WHO FLAMES ANYONE ELSE GETS BANNED. PERIOD. No warning, no nothing. Just get your shit and OUT.

11. For god's sake, people, be literate. We don't mind things like OMG every now and then, but "hi how r u i m fine" really hurts me physically to TYPE, let alone read.
Also, LOL is not allowed. >.<
If you're posting stories, you need to make use of a spellchecker. ALL word processing programs come equipped with these. If you can't figure out how to use it, then get a beta reader.

12. For feedback - please leave more than "OMG I like this" or "This is cute. Good job." Try
to have a five sentence minimum on feedback, and be constructive about anything critical.
Again, icons and photo edits are an exception to the five sentence rule.

13. Be willing to accept criticiscm. If you can't, then go hide in your room. You don't belong on the internet.

14. Original fiction is not allowed. This includes fancharacters and Mary Sues. I'm sure there's communities for those - this isn't one of them.

15. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Also, if you have a problem with someone personally, either tell one of the moderators or email them off-list. We don't want to see fights in comments - this will probably get you banned. BOTH of you.

16. There is no time limit, but obviously if you join and go forever without posting anything, there's not a point to being in the community, and you WILL be banned. Please try to post at least once a month if possible, even if it's just an icon.

17. We will absolutely not allow J-Rock or real people fanfiction. Sorry - I'm sure there are other communities for this.


Tsuki TsukiGuujin@gmail.com
Kasandra GuardianMars@gmail.com
Emily MarySSunderland@gmail.com

Themes List!

Accepted Fandoms/Pairings List!